A list of stories forthcoming and recently published and available online (or with links to the magazine website in the case of stories which require a subscription). I’m working solely on novels right now, so there won’t be many updates here unless the short fiction bug bites again.

Recently Published

March 2018, Quantum Shorts

From the Ruins of Beijing” – flash fiction, winner of 2nd prize in the 2017-18 contest. A story about love, loss and alternate universes.

“The week I was granted my PhD my girlfriend of five years left me. “At least I waited,” her note read. “It seemed unfair to leave before you finished defending your thesis.”

The apartment echoed. I owned so few things. A towel. A sad plate and spoon. She left me a lone jade plant. I ate my soup and ruminated; she had been the endoskeleton of my life. A support I hadn’t noticed until it was gone.”

September 2016, Nature Futures – Issue 537

Try Catch Throw” – “The first thing Marielle does is reset their lives to the night Sam has the idea that will destroy the world. They are at Chianti’s on West 4th. A small table near the back. He’d told her that their conversation during the date planted the seed of his experiment.

So here she is to uproot it.”

July 2016, Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show – Issue 51

Mathematical Certainty” – a story about being lost, and found, in the Asteroid belt. About the loneliness of prospecting and the potential for human connection, and even love, in the most unusual of circumstances.

April 2016, Apex Magazine

The Laura Ingalls Experience” – a story set late in the 22nd century, about a young woman who’s undergone a terrible ordeal in the asteroid belt and is now drastically changed. She has travelled to Earth, trying to find herself on a historical tour of the prairie where Laura Ingalls travelled with her family three hundred years before.

April 2016, Quantum Shorts

Don’t Die Before You’re Dead, Mary Wu” – flash fiction, winner of 2nd prize in the 2015/16 Quantum Shorts competition. This story imagines what it would be like to collaborate with (and interrogate) other versions of yourself in parallel universes, linked by an online message system.

March 2016, The Sockdolager

Tofino” is a reprint of a fantasy/magic realist story in which a man and a raven travel through a world utterly changed, searching for a way to undo a disastrous decision. (First published in the Tesseracts 11 anthology, this story also appears in my ebook Twentieth Century House)