Novella Aquired by

I’m delighted to announce that Carl Engle-Laird at has aquired the novella, The Ghost Line, co-written by myself and J.S. Herbison.

The Ghost Line is the story of Saga and her husband Michel, adventurers and artists who craft haunting interactives in the ruins of abandoned spacecraft and habitats littered around the solar system. When they take on a job to break into a mothballed luxury liner that’s been orbiting between Earth and Mars for years, they imagine it will just be another gig. A chance to earn a little money before journeying to Earth to start a family. But their employer has a hidden agenda, and the liner is not as abandoned as it seems. Something long-hidden is about to wake up.

Image from Pripyat (Chernobyl), CC licensed by Flickr user Fi Dot